ecological corridors

corredores ecologicos

The future of nature conservation in Europe is to ensure ecological connectivity of protected areas. Otherwise the risk of remaining biodiversity turned into islands surrounded by a sea of ​​runs…

Community financial instruments

Instrumentos financieros comunitarios

The European Union has powerful financing instruments that serve a wide variety of sectors and activities. These include the Structural Funds and the European Investment: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Fondo Europeo Agrario de Desarrollo

Local Agenda 21

Agenda Local 21

The declaration of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (River 92), world leaders pledged to implement Agenda 21, an action plan to move towards sustainable development. Municipalities, as administration…

Environmental audit

Auditoria de Medio Ambiente

Terra has environmental management systems auditors, certified by IRCA, experienced from 2001 (certification and follow-up ISO 14001, internal, coorporate, legal compliance). The main companies have audited are: SA MIRAT Manufacture of fertilizers NOVOTECNI Civil…



Natura 2000 is the main instrument for nature conservation in the European Union. It is a European network of natural protected areas aiming to contribute to halting the loss of biodiversity. Development and implementation…

Environmental indicators

Indicadores ambientales

  Indicator systems are an essential tool for the assessment of any environmental policy. They are designed according to the uses to which they are intended, so they can take different forms, for example in relation to…


We work with public and private sector to ensure that their activities contribute to preserving biodiversity, air quality, soil and water, reducing gas emissions linked to climate change and the efficient use of…

LIFE projects evaluation

Evaluación de proyectos LIFE

The LIFE program is the financial instrument of the European Union dedicated to the environment. Its overall objective for the period 2004-2020 is to contribute to sustainable development and the achievement of the objectives and goals of the Europe Strategy 2020 on average…

Biodiverse project evaluation

Evaluación de proyectos BiodivERsA

Biodiversa is a regional network of national organizations and promoting pan-European research on biodiversity and ecosystem services. BiodiveERsA is financed through the scheme ERA-NET COFUND under the Research Framework Programme of the European Union…

Futurium : Open Public Review

Futurium : Open Public Review

Participation in the pilot project of the European Commission Open Public Review on eGovernment projects funded by Horizon 2020. The projects evaluated were: WeGovNow: Innovative technologies in a unified platform for citizen information, electronic participation and communication between…