Local Agenda 21

The declaration of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (River 92), world leaders pledged to implement Agenda 21, an action plan to move towards sustainable development. Municipalities, as closest administration to the citizen, They have played an important role in the implementation of Agenda 21 and many who have implemented.

The Agenda 21 Local is a document that develops a Municipal Strategic Plan based on the integration, with sustainable criteria, of the environmental, economic and social policies, of the municipality, arising from the participation and consensus among political representatives, municipal technical staff, involved agents and citizens of the municipality.

– Terra developed Agenda 21 Galapagar (32.000 hab), one of the first of the Community of Madrid.

– He has also designed the objectives, he, action plan and follow-up of Agenda 21 Santander (170.000 hab).

Client: Council of Santander, Galapagar City Council

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