Spatial planning and ecological networks in Europe

To prevent the risk of natural areas becoming islands, surrounded by agricultural areas, infrastructure and urban areas, it is necessary to ensure their ecological connectivity. To this end, it is required the design and implementation of ecological corridors, the so called ecological networks. Because ecological networks are territorial structures, it is necessary to consider how they can be integrated into spatial planning.

The objective of SPEN (Spatial Planning and Ecological Networks) is to inform the responsible for spatial planning on the objectives and possibilities of integrating ecological networks in the planning process without pressuring other social interests. The Consortium was made up of the European Centre for Nature Conservation (Netherlands), Syzygy (Netherlands), Orbicon (Denmark), Leibniz Institute of Ecological and Regional Development – IÖR (Germany), Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection – AOPK (Czech Republic) and Terra Ecogest.

access to report on ecological networks and regional planning in Spain 2008.

Client: Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Netherlands