SoBio. Mobilising the European social research potential in support of biodiversity and ecosystem management

To prevent the decline of biodiversity and ensure sustainable management of ecosystems, it is necessary to understand the socio-economic processes and structures that affect them. SoBio aims to undertand the role of the social sciences in the management of ecosystems and biodiversity and stimulate new research in the field of this interaction.

Funded by a Action Coordination Sixth Framework Programme of the Commission on R & D and developed by the European Center for Nature Conservation – ECNC (Netherlands), Norwegian Social Research – NOVA (Norway), University of Bucharest (Romania), Centre for Agricultural Landscape and Land Use Research (OINTMENT) (Germany), University of Central Lancashire, Department of Environmental Management (United Kingdom), Central European University, Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy (Budapest), Institute of Landscape Ecology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovak Republic) and Terra Ecogest.


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