Environmental audit

Terra has environmental management systems auditors, certified by IRCA, experienced from 2001 (certification and follow-up ISO 14001, internal, coorporate, legal compliance).

The main companies have audited are:

SA MIRAT Manufacture of fertilizers
NOVOTECNI Civil engineering
EFFEM SPAIN Manufacture of food for pets
Transportes Gutierrez Road transport
Iberhidra Civil engineering
Vodafone Spain Communications
Proting sl Civil engineering
Hervatrans sl Road Transport
Transportes chapin sl Road Transport
Urdecom buildings S.A.. Civil building
Segura de automoción S.L.. Wholesale. Repair of motor vehicles
Clinica triana s.l. Medical services
Gea Medioambiente Management of polluted soils, hydrologic studies
Consulting engineers ALATEC GROUP Civil engineering
Grupo JCDecaux Communication
DETERIN SA Manufacture of chemistry products
Tecnicas en Plagas S.L.. Plague control
Basademar Aquaculture
Transportes ESK Transport Activities
Disval S.A. General construction of buildings and civil engineering works
OTR oficina técnica de resinas Manufacture of chemical products
Piscufactoria Aguadulce (Culmarex group) Aquaculture
GEOcontrol General construction of buildings and civil engineering works
Información y Control de la Planificación Cargo Handling, Storage and Supporting Transport Activities
Eurimar S.L. General construction of buildings and civil engineering works
Centro Informático Pozuelo Hardware maintenance
Grupo CAT Peninsula Cargo Handling, Storage and Supporting Transport Activities
Cartonajes MIMO Manufacture of paper
Indoor Air Quality Cleaning and disinfections of air conditioners
NOVOTECNI Civil engineering
Torrecilla Urueña Consultores Civil engineering
Transportes Santos S.A. Transport Activities
Gedemasa Food retails
Grupo Python Printing
Limpiezas Moratinos Cleaning
Ecoplag Plague control
Coserfo S.L. Forestry and logging related service activities
ABB Power Technology Manufacture of electrical equipment
Tomates de Miajadas Processing and manufacture of fruit and vegetables
Martin y Cuadrado Construction, sewage water treatment plants
Boart Longyear Basic Metal Products and Fabricated parts for drilling
Tolsa Manufacture of non-refractory ceramic goods
Equisat CLM SL Transport of hazardous waste
OTR oficina técnica de resinas Drilling for groundwater
Perforaciones Ibéricas SA General construction of buildings
Castilla de construcciones ABS Civil engineering
Talleres Barga Installation of electrical wiring and fittings
DIODE Manufacture of computers
Naviera Sicar SL Sea charter management
NOVOTECNI Engineering and landscape management
CONTSE SA Manufacture of medical gases
Guaguas Municipales Gran Canaria SA passenger land transport
TRN Engineering
Moviltech TECHNICAL SERVICE SL Manufacture of electric domestic appliances
PID ENG&TECH SL Manufacture of laboratory equipment
OTR oficina técnica de resinas Manufacture of chemical products
Sereng y Mantei SA Maintenance of vending machines
Servi Hogar Extremeña Maintenance and cleaning of buildings
NOVOTECNI Civil engineering
Colegio Ramon y Cajal Education
Hormigones y Obras Parros Civil engineering
SCP y Márketing Espectacular Publicity
Heymo Ingenieria S.A.. Civil engineering
Jardinería Garcia Lorca Gardening.
Drizoro Manufacture of Concrete, cement, lime, plaster etc.
Trafosan Medio Ambiernte Forestry works
Consultoria e Ingeniería de Ensayos y Sistemas Civil engineering
Servauto Centromotor S.A. Wholesale. Repair of motor vehicles
Sercaman 1 Computer repairs
OTR oficina técnica de resinas Manufacture of chemical products
Viveros Bárboles Forestry works
Ginprosa Ingenieria SL Civil engineering
Industria Metalurgica SA Branas Metal structures
Plastal Spain SA Plastic components for the car industry
Servauto Centromotor SA Wholesale. Repair of motor vehicles
Revesa SA Wholesale. Repair of motor vehicles
Molducea SA Construction of modular buildings
Grupo AMS (Madrid) Electrical assembly. Civil engineering
Granja Cinegética de Aves S.L.. Coto Valdobra Game reserve, Skeet shooting, restaurant, paintball, sports and dog’s home.
Bombardier Transportation. Malaga-Albobendas-Entrevias Maintenance of high speed trains
AMO Abbott laboratories Medical laboratories. Manufacturing of ophthalmologic products.
Trapaga Bombardier Transportation Manufacture of electric rolling stock applications
Abbott Granada Medical laboratories. Manufacturing of nutrition products
Bombardier Transportation. human Maintenance of short distance trains
Albemarle – Chemetall Chemical treatment of metal surface
Acuidoro S.L. Aquaculture
General company Canteras S.A. (Italcementy Group) Quarrying
Bodegas Luis Megía S.L.. Wine making. Manufacture of beverages