Ecological network of Madrid

Terra Ecogest, in joint venture with Iniciativas Ambientales Gamma has designed the Ecological Network of the Madrid Region. Its objectives are:

  • Ensure functionality and ecological coherence of the Natura Network 2000
  • Establish continuity between protected areas and urban and supramunicipal green areas


Summary of Ecological Corridors Network of the Madrid Region


Existing ecological corridors

· The Guadarrama Range, that from east to west is an almost unbroken succession of Natura network 2000 sites and which is continued through the neighboring regions. In addition, by its mountainous character, major transport infrastructure traverse through tunnels, which gives it great ecological permeability. There are many species that use this corridor, as large mammals (ungulates, wolf, etc) and many birds.
· Riverine Natura 2000. In designing the Natura network of the Madrid Region it took into account the role of riverine ecosistems as ecological corridors. Most of these riverine corridors crosses from north to south the region, They have well preserved riparian forests and transport infrastructures cross them through large bridges, which facilitates its ecological permeability. Such natura 2000 sites are the Guadarrama River Basin, Guadalix River Basin, Cuenca del Jarama and Henares and Vegas, Cuestas y Páramos del Sureste of Madrid. They are critical corridors for dispersal and migration of numerous species and for connecting the southern plains to the mountain range.


Main corridors
There are 12 main corridors designed to connect together the Sites of Community Interest with the Madrid Region and with the neighboring regions.






Secondary corridors
The functionality of the main corridors is reinforced with 21 secondary corridors, of minor lenght, linking primary corridors to other corridors or Natura 2000





Urban corridors
They are greenways that establish continuity between the main elements of the ecological network with the green areas of the capital and major towns in the metropolitan area.




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Client: Comunidad de Madrid. Department of Urban and Spatial Development.