Spatial planning and Natura 2000

Spatial planning can play an important role in the development of Natura 2000. Puede reconciliar la conservación de la naturaleza con los intereses de otras políticas, so it can be a useful tool for conservation and development Natura 2000. However, to date it has not been any detailed study on the potential of spatial planning instruments for the implementation of Natura 2000.

This study is to fill this gap. For that, analiza: spatial planning in relation to Natura 2000 at Community level and Member States; the concept and the fundamentals of spatial planning, instruments and governance systems; mechanisms to integrate Natura 2000 in spatial planning; cross-border issues; most relevant GIS methodologies.

Project (07.0202/2015/716466/ETU / ENV. B.3) developed in a consortium leaded by Alterra Wageningen UR.

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Natura 2000 and Spatial Planning
Natura 2000 and Spatial Planning
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