A natural resource is a good or service provided by nature without human intervention. From the point of view of the economy, natural resources are valuable for society to contribute to their welfare and their development directly through raw materials, minerals, etc, or indirectly providing basic services such as water supply, climate control or support for crop pollination among many other services.

We worked on the assessment of goods and ecosystem services, major impacts and threats and the effectiveness of the protection measures adopted.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Environment we designed a national system of environmental indicators able to assess the situation of the goods and services at national and regional (atmosphere, waste, water, soil, coast and marine sectors). Its evolution resulted in the Environmental Profile of Spain and the Public Bank of Environmental Indicators.


  • Valuation of goods and ecosystem services
  • Enterprise systems environmental indicators, and local, regional and national environmental indicators systems
  • Environmental barometers
  • Environmental reporting for governments and administrations

Successfull results