We work with the public and private sector to ensure that their activities contribute to preserving biodiversity, air quality, soil and water, reducing gas emissions linked to climate change and the efficient use of resources.
this approach, called green economy, reconciles economic growth with job creation and efficient use of natural resources, an economic model that will become increasingly more sense, as prices incorporate the negative environmental externalities.

Services for public institutions

Strategic Environmental Assessment of plans and programs

  • National
  • European Union funds
  • environmental reporting systems based on indicators. Nacional level, regional and local

Services aimed at businesses

  • Sustainable tourism: Criteria setting, sustainable management, accreditation (Ecolideres, Biosphere Responsible Tourism) and communication.
  • Development of tourism destinations linked to biodiversity: Plans, marketing and communication.
  • Ecotourism
  • Communication consulting and product design
  • Digital contents

Successfull results