corporate governance

We help clients from a wide range of sectors in implementing environmental strategies, Corporate Responsibility, low-carbon economy, efficient resource management, restoration of biodiversity and risk management and occupational health.

Commicating corporate social responsability is a key challenge for an organisation. It is important for employees, shareholders, investors and society in general. We help companies to improve their communication, internal and external, in relation to environmental and social responsability issues. For reporting we follow the Global Reporting Initiative standard.

Our team is qualified by the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) and has proven expertise in a wide range of industrial sectors and ISO 14001, EMAS and OHAS 18001.

Our services include:

    • Implementation and monitoring of environmental management systems (ISO 14000, EMAS) and health and safety (OSHAS 18001)
    • corporate audits for multinational
    • Internal audit
    • Legal compliance audits
    • Environmental reports and statements
    • Risks assessment
    • Reporting: environmental reporting, corporate social responsibility, ecological footprint.
    • Training for managers and employees
    • Permissions and Licences
    • Environmental assessments


  • Among others, we have experience in the following sectors: aquaculture, quarring, food industry, pharma industry, automotive, shipyards, engineering, building, transport, insurance, automotive workshops, etc

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