Business and Biodiversity

The EU Biodiversity Strategy promotes the protection of biodiversity as an important differentiating factor and an opportunity for new economic activities. In this area we offer practical solutions to prevent the loss of biodiversity and preserve ecosystem services.

Analysis and evaluation services

  • Economic assessment
  • Evaluation of the implementation of legislation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

Prevention and impact mitigation

  • Green infrastructure and optimization of ecosystem services
  • Habitats: creation, restoration and translocation
  • Works with species (ichthyofauna, birds and mammals)
  • Design and management of impact mitigation measures

Services for green economy companies:

  • Sustainable tourism. Criteria setting, sustainable management, accreditation (Ecolideres, Biosphere Responsible Tourism) and communication.
  • Development of tourism destinations linked to biodiversity. Plans, marketing and communication.
  • Ecotourism
  • Communication consulting and product design: organic crops, mycological reserves, reisin exploitation, biomass, etc.
  • Digital contents

Success results